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Sarja Ulkopelit
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Hi guys, we're not looking great for numbers on this at the moment. We have 11, but at least 2 of us may end up be non-playing coaches. Especially if we're going to play 2 games, I'd like us to have 12-14 who are sure to be able to play. Could you guys run it by the Sunday Boys bunch again?


I'll ask around tomorrow!


To all KNV folks (and Marco, can you forward to all Sunday Boys),
10 June Finland Football and Estonia Football are arranging a big day of football to celebrate Finland's 100 years in 2017 and Estonia's 100 in 2018.

They're arranging games between Finnish and Estonian teams at all levels (even ours).

Here's my thought: We arrange to play a game in the morning in Helsinki, then both teams jump a ship to Tallinn and we play another match there. Then we party.

Who's up for it? If enough say yes, I'll register us for a full-field game, if fewer we can do small-sided or futsal.

And if anybody happens to have friends in Estonia who play football- at our level- maybe we can start the planning.



I created new event for the games. I'm in.

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